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By 2037, 8.2 billion air travelers are expected worldwide according to IATA. To address this challenge, governments and border crossing operators need to implement effective Entry/Exit solutions by deploying near walk-through border processes to reduce waiting times.

IDEMIA’s TraveLane solution has been designed for that purpose. Its main functions include travel document reading and authentication, passenger identity verification, ID fraud detection, passenger eligibility check and Entry-Exit authorization.

This solution is modular and fits to border crossing operators’ requirements depending on their need to process travellers:

  • TraveLane 1 Step eGates (with one door) are mainly used in the passenger flow facilitation context, at boarding and for airside security access.
  • TraveLane 2 Steps eGates (with two doors) are dedicated to immigration purposes.

This new multi-biometric, Automated Border Control solution for Entry/Exit and Passenger Flow Facilitation programs increases security for air, land and sea borders, while improving passengers’ throughput and convenience.

Optimized user experience

TraveLane eGates include touchless, walk-through and multi-biometrics features for fast and secure identification of passengers.

Highest security

TraveLane eGates allow liveness and uniqueness detection.

Flexible design

TraveLane eGates are available in a variety of design configurations with small footprint.

200 M+
passenger crossings managed by TraveLane solutions around the world

TravelLane 1 Step: just board at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris.

Air France turned to IDEMIA for an innovative solution aiming at securely identifying passengers while decreasing boarding times at Charles de Gaulle Airport. The breakthrough TravelLane solution delivered by IDEMIA integrates biometric boarding pass and facial recognition technology to increase passenger throughput without compromising on security. It is successfully tested since its implementation in 2018.

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