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Air traveler volumes are projected to hit 8 billion by 2037 - twofold travelers flow than today. This presents border authorities around the world with the challenge of guaranteeing fast traveler flow in and out of their countries while ensuring the highest border security.

To meet this challenge, IDEMIA contactless e-passport solution makes the world of airport security seamless. Our biometric document speeds passengers through border control, while improving the verification of both the travel document and the holder. In less than three seconds, agents get the answers to their three most important questions: is the document authentic? Has the document been altered? And is the person presenting the document its authorized holder?

Faster throughput

IDEMIA’s e-passport solution reduces bottlenecks at airport security and speeds visitors through the system in under three seconds.

Class-leading software security

IDEMIA’s e-passport solution has earned the highest levels of  Common Criteria certifications  and uses cryptographic algorithm to secure personal data and biometrics.

Advanced physical security

IDEMIA’s e-passport solution benefit from our large portfolio of security features to fight against all forms of fraud: forgery, counterfeiting and manipulation. This includes use of a polycarbonate data page, LASINK color photo or SLI secondary photo among others.

Digitization of  ID Documents for the Republic of Albania

Digitization of ID Documents for the Republic of Albania

The Albanian government chose IDEMIA, the leader in Augmented Identity, to provide a modern identity management system and deliver secure biometric passports and national ID cards to its citizens. IDEMIA’s 40 years of expertise in identity management and biometrics have enabled Albanians to enter the EU Schengen Area without a visa.

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