Subscriber digital identification

Securing subscribers’ identities for hassle-free access to online services

IDEMIA Subscriber digital identification

The mission of Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) is no longer just to provide connectivity services, but also to know who will use them. MNOs have consequently become key figures in a wider ecosystem that is dedicated to providing and managing identities for a digital world. The process of registering the digital identity of a subscriber as efficiently as possible has now become critical to their business.

The first challenge for MNOs is to define how and where that registration process should unfold, what ID information needs to be collected, and other practical details. The next step is to verify all that information, and then generate a unique digital ID. IDEMIA’s subscriber digital identification solutions combine our expertise in mobile KYC, authentication and biometrics to meet all these challenges. They enable mobile operators to manage the full subscriber digital identification process in a safe and convenient way and to provide their subscribers with a reliable digital ID they can use to access critical online services.


IDEMIA’s biometric solutions and their performance on a wide range of mobile devices have been certified at the highest level by internationally-recognized organizations.


IDEMIA’s mobile KYC solutions enable MNOs to comply with pre-paid customer registration regulations and prevent ID fraud.

Revenue generating

IDEMIA’s mobile authentication solutions enable easy access to a wide range of online services in a secure way.

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