Stereo Laser Image (SLI)

Protecting ID documents from forgery thanks to a secondary image in 3D

Stereo Laser Image IDEMIA

Because the photo is the most natural link with the document owner, it is subject to the majority of attacks by fraudsters. In order to protect the main portrait on lost or stolen documents, IDEMIA laser engraves a secondary portrait directly embedded in the document itself or in a window.

This secondary portrait, called a Stereo Laser Image (SLI®), consists in a very sharp three-dimensional photo created from the holder’s picture. If a fraudster attempts to alter the primary photo, the SLI® will no longer match the main portrait. If the fraudster tries to forge the SLI® as well, it will be clearly visible even to the untrained eye, as the 3D effect will disappear or be altered. The transparency window effect makes the authentication on day light or in front of a screen very easy. Through tactile effect of lenses, SLI® enables an easy authentication. 3D effect prevents attack from the back and is enhanced by floating characters such as date of birth in forefront.

SLI® is applicable on ID documents made of polycarbonate, a robust and secure material that cannot be split once the various plastic layers that constitute the document have been laminated. With this technology, identity documents are easy to inspect yet hard to reproduce.

Easy to authenticate

The authenticator can easily verify that the two portraits match and recognize the very particular sharp and three-dimensional effect of SLI.

Highly secure

If the laser marking is removed (attack from the back), 4 different images must be replaced to forge the SLI secondary portrait.

Easy to implement

This technology fits the existing application processes and can be personalized with typical laser printing machines.

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