Smart Connect Entitlement

Ensuring automated provisioning for eSIM connected devices

IDEMIA Smart Connect Entitlement

With the growth of different types of connected devices, continuity of service across phones, wearables, and other devices is critical for subscriber satisfaction. Device OEMs are increasingly adding features that rely on mobile operator networks. This is especially true for eSIM devices that are always connected and whose users expect a seamless experience on all devices at all times.

Mobile operators must ensure compatibility between device and network IMS (IP Multimedia System) services and provisioning the right services upon activation.

IDEMIA’s Smart Connect Entitlement is a cloud-based solution that allows mobile operators to authorize and provision connected devices for specific device features. This entitlement server not only bridges devices with the network back-end but also automatically provisions network features such as:

  • Multi-SIM
  • VoLTE (Voice-over-LTE)
  • Transfer of eSIM profiles between devices

Smart Connect Entitlement is part of the IDEMIA Smart Connect Platform, which includes Subscription Management and Orchestration Hub components for mobile network operators, offering them a comprehensive solution for all their eSIM management needs.

Multi-OEM support

Smart Connect Entitlement supports entitlement specifications from multiple OEMs and a variety of devices.

Cloud-native solution

Smart Connect Entitlement combines a cloud-based solution with a SaaS model for fast time-to-market, high availability and reliability, as well as predictable costs.

Light integration

Smart Connect Entitlement accelerates time-to-market with a lightweight integration, modular architecture, and built-in orchestration.

Why is eSIM making device entitlements so important?

Why is eSIM making device entitlements so important?

The role of entitlement servers has quickly evolved from providing support for non-essential network features to ensuring constant connectivity for all of our connected devices. By handling the onboarding and provisioning of eSIM devices, entitlement servers allow mobile operators to support advanced network features on these devices.

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