Secure Remote Commerce (SRC) Platform

Redesigning the online checkout experience with a one-click payment option

Secure Remote Commerce (SRC) Platform IDEMIA

With smartphone adoption and eCommerce growth driving digital payments to the next level, payment networks are willing to implement frictionless checkout experiences. With the EMVCo Secure Remote Commerce (SRC) Specification, EMVCo is giving the industry the tools to streamline the online checkout experience. SRC will enable the binding of a consumer’s identity with their card and device, permitting a registered user to complete an online payment through a single “Buy Button.”

IDEMIA’s SRC Platform supports payment networks in implementing this new EMVCo specification. This cloud-based platform provides all the technical foundations needed for the implementation and orchestration of an SRC system, including profile and lifecycle management, identity checks, and payment initiation. It is also compatible with security methods such as tokenization.

IDEMIA’s SRC Platform comes equipped with a set of easy-to-integrate APIs which enable interfacing with the different SRC stakeholders such as Payment Service Providers (PSP), SRC Initiators (SRCI), Digital Card Facilitators (DCF), token vaults, as well as onboarding participating issuers (SRCPI).

Streamlined user journey

SRC simplifies the online checkout experience by giving the user a consistent and frictionless checkout journey.

Ecosystem simplicity

SRC reduces the effort required by merchants to integrate and maintain multiple buttons.

Added value and differentiation

SRC provides value to consumers and allows merchants to differentiate by enabling this Click to Pay option.

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