Remote DMV testing services

Offering driver’s license knowledge tests in third-party locations, outside DMV offices

Remote DMV testing services

Today, DMVs are seeking ways to offer services beyond the traditional DMV borders and keep people out of busy offices. Providing remote DMV testing services in third-party locations will lead to a safer, more productive driver’s license knowledge tests experience, especially for first-time driver’s license applicants. It will also save time for DMV staff to focus on COVID-19 backlogs, REAL ID surges and other critical services.

IDEMIA’s Remote WebTest, an on-demand and secure Testing as a Service (TaaS) solution, enables DMVs to offer first-time driver applicants the flexibility of taking a secure, randomized driver knowledge test in a convenient and proctored location such as a high school or community college computer lab, or a third party driving school. All that’s needed is a laptop or tablet with an internet connection.

Remote WebTest provides applicants convenience and more control over their environment, while DMVs continue to manage the overall process. Providing remote DMV testing services will allow the DMV to better manage in-office traffic, while providing a safer, more efficient environment for driver’s license applicants and staff – all without compromising the security of the testing process.

Time and money savings

Remote DMV testing services save DMVs time and money by providing non-DMV locations where a driver license applicant can take a proctored knowledge test securely and efficiently.

Reduced wait times

Remote DMV testing services provide convenient alternatives to driver’s license applicants to take their driver knowledge test in a timely manner, beyond DMV office walls.

Highly scalable services

The Remote WebTest solution allows any authorized third-party location to easily deliver DMV-approved driver knowledge tests thanks to highly scalable web-based hosting.

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