Enabling security officers to perform real-time identification operations in the field


One of the top priorities for law enforcement officers is to safeguard the community. An important means to achieve this mission is to provide officers with advanced mobile tools and equipment that will help them conduct identification on the beat. IDEMIA has developed a truly mobile solution for both person identification and ID document check.

RapID3 is the third generation of rugged, handheld biometric devices, designed for law enforcement, border control, and civil and immigration officers who need to have autonomous operational capabilities in the palm of their hands.

Using IDEMIA’s world-renowned fingerprint and face matching algorithms, and featuring multiple credential reading options, RapID3 enables security professionals to perform real-time operations in the field, including:

  • Remote identification
  • On-device identification
  • ID document verification

It enables police officers to identify suspects directly in the streets against a central ABIS or search them against a watchlist stored locally on the device, saving them the time required to return to the police station.


With its smartphone-like design features and a suite of intuitive apps, RapID3 doesn’t require training.


Using world-class fingerprint and face matching algorithms, RapID3 provides enhanced accuracy and security.


Easy-to-upgrade, RapID3 is adaptable to evolving IT environments and flexible deployment configurations.

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