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A revolution that has transformed the way armchair audiences watch sports and entertainment since the early 1990s, Pay TV continues to grow. While consumers focus on the quality and breadth of content, the success of Pay TV is mainly due to the Conditional Access System (CAS) providers who secure this high value content distribution via set-top boxes (satellite and cable), alongside the emergence of web streaming.

As the world’s leading manufacturer of smartcards used in these TV boxes, IDEMIA is the partner of choice for CAS providers – for whom security and quality are absolute priorities. Along with the manufacturing process, the personalization of cards is also carried out by IDEMIA in a secure way; with all our centers being PCI, GSMA and AMEX certified. IDEMIA’s ability to combine card manufacturing and personalization at the same site offers real efficiency gains for clients, in terms of security and time savings.

In a market that continues to evolve, IDEMIA also has the technology to deliver new Pay TV solutions based on biometrics – giving broadcasters new options for enrolling subscribers, authenticating them, and monitoring the viewings. These solutions can be deployed on most devices used to watch TV, such as smartphones, tablets or laptops.

Beyond the Pay TV market, IDEMIA can partner with CAS providers to create secure solutions for the IoT – offering hardware, TSM and connectivity solutions that are complementary to the secure products and services available from the CAS sector.

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