NFC Card for Automotive

Bringing convenience on top of digital car keys

NFC Card for Automotive IDEMIA

The automotive industry is undergoing a digital revolution that changes the usage patterns and ownership models. This revolution requires more flexible ways to access vehicles and consequently what used to be a physical car key is being dematerialized into our smartphones.

While digital keys give way to unprecedented convenience, car makers also provide end-users with NFC cards: a sidekick solution for car access with a visual reminder of their brand. This secure and convenient backup comes in handy when one valets one’s car, lends it to a friend or when one’s smartphone runs out of battery.

IDEMIA has drawn upon decades of experience in SIM and payment card technology to become the trusted partner of car makers providing them with on-brand design creation, development of customized applications and secure personalization of their NFC cards.

Convenient back-up

The NFC Pass is a secure and convenient sidekick solution when one valets one’s car, lends it to a friend or one’s smartphone runs out of battery.

Brand visibility

The NFC Card provides users with a visual reminder of the car maker’s brand.

Personalized experience

The NFC Card can be associated to a driver’s profile, thus users can find their preferred settings before even sitting in their vehicles. It can also be customized with loyalty and payment applications.

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