IDEMIA’s response to support air travel recovery

IDEMIA’s response to support air travel recovery

Effects of COVID-19 pandemic on the air travel industry are major. IDEMIA addresses new sanitary and security challenges through a multi-biometric and contactless approach coupled with a thorough risk assessment analysis.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic affected the global aviation industry, all stakeholders have to restore trust and reshape the future of safe air travel. New expectations and a new paradigm emerge in the air travel: off-airports actions, health checks and contactless operations throughout the passenger journey arise as the main mean to protect passengers.

What will the “new normal” look like, especially when it comes to passenger flow facilitation and border control experience?

At IDEMIA, we believe that the digital seamless passenger journey is no longer an option. Creating and using a trusted digital identity based on touchless biometric technologies will help minimize contact at airports.

Check out Jeff’s journey and discover every step of his safe and smooth journey with multi-biometric and contactless technologies:

  • Remote check-in by sharing the digital travel credential
  • Creation of a unique identifier for a seamless and touchless travel experience
  • Contactless multi-biometric identifying face and iris on the move at the border control eGates
  • Temperature check before boarding
  • Use of automated boarding gate with face and iris recognition
  • API-PNR data sent to the destination’s border control authorities
  • At arrival, use of the multi-biometric TravelKiosk through fully contactless smartphone mirroring
  • eGates to finalize the immigration process