National Entry-Exit System

Centralizing the management of a country’s land, air and sea borders

National Entry-Exit System

IDEMIA offers a comprehensive Entry-Exit solution supporting border control agencies to move from a document-centric to a person-centric approach through the use of biometrics as the key elements to identify individuals at entry and exit points.

The solution records, analyses and links travelers’ crossing movements at air, land and sea borders, at local and national level. Thanks to its flexible design, it can be adapted to each country’s border workflows, processes, regulations and privacy policies. The system interfaces easily with national and international systems, including API/PNR, biometric identification systems and Registered Traveler Programs to form a comprehensive tool to manage a country’s borders.


This Entry-Exit System enables agencies to process all types of travelers consistently throughout the country by centrally managing the specific process to be performed at land, air and sea borders and by having a real time view on all movements across the country.

Flexible and easy to integrate

Border environments are always specific. With IDEMIA’s Entry-Exit System, governments can upgrade their capabilities while maximizing their legacy infrastructure. Interoperable, it can easily interconnect with national or external systems dedicated to improve border control management (risk assessment, watchlists, Visa systems, etc.).


With a capacity to adapt the process based on the passenger profile, and through the use of biometrics, governments are in a position to move from a document-centric approach to a person-centric one, improving greatly the level of confidence and of fraud detection at borders.

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