Centralizing user database and biometric terminal management

MorphoManager by IDEMIA

For a wide variety of organizations, biometrics is an efficient means to identify their employees and visitors. IDEMIA’s portfolio of biometric terminals for access control and time & attendance can be managed seamlessly from a centralized platform: MorphoManager.
This application can administrate a maximum of 5,000 terminals and it can enroll fingerprint (contact or contactless acquisition), finger vein/print and facial recognition templates for up to 100,000 users, as well as encode contactless smartcards. User data can be protected with advanced encryption, providing compliance with the most stringent privacy regulations. MorphoManager offers a comprehensive range of activity reports, while transaction histories are made available for import into payroll systems.

MorphoManager can operate standalone or be interfaced with third party access control and time & attendance systems. Various pack options – bundling the application with an enrolment scanner – are available, depending on the installation size and the types of technology deployed.

Simplified management

MorphoManager handles the full range of IDEMIA terminals – whatever the biometric modality – from a single point, optimizing their control and deployment via LAN, WAN or Wi-Fi.


From a handful to 100,000 users and up to 5,000 terminals, MorphoManager can be deployed on a single PC or in a client/server configuration.

Flexible integration

MorphoManager by IDEMIA is already integrated with more than 25 leading access control platforms and can also be deployed as a standalone system.

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