Opening up the world of biometrics to software developers

MorphoKit IDEMIA

Banking services, welfare provision, network security, access control, time and attendance management or medical record maintenance are all examples where personal identification is critical. With MorphoKit Software Development Kit (SDK), all these transactions – and more – can easily benefit from a layer of outstanding biometric technology.

MorphoKit SDK enables system developers to easily implement user enrollment and matching procedures with IDEMIA’s world-renowned algorithms for fingerprint, facial and iris recognition. With these three biometric modalities acknowledged worldwide for their high levels of accuracy and performance, they can drastically enhance software application security and identification systems with the power of biometrics.

Trusted technology

IDEMIA’s technology is adopted by government agencies and major corporations alike. MorphoKit gives software developers an opportunity to take personal identification to the next level.


Fingerprint, face and iris biometrics can all be harnessed by one sole SDK, available for Windows, Linux and Android. Developers can take out licenses tailored to their project scale, with identification from 5,000 to 50,000 users.

Easy learning

The user enrollment and matching procedures built into MorphoKit SDK are so simple to implement that software developers can learn how to add the benefits of biometric recognition to their applications in a matter of minutes.

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