Recognizing faces in advance of the actual checkpoint, for faster identification


Even in highly frequented public spaces, where access control is required, it is important that people reach their destination safely and quickly. From the individuals’ vantage point, it’s about convenience and speed. For the service provider, it’s about efficiency in ensuring high-throughput and that individuals are accurately identified.

MFACE Flex is designed to take crowd flow management to the next level. It allows individuals to keep moving at all times, while it detects and captures their face from up to 10+ feet away.

This cutting edge facial biometric technology provides an elite identity verification solution suitable for multiple industries. It sets the bar in a wide range of environments, including commercial transportation, such as airports and cruise lines, event venues, stadiums, sports arenas, theme parks and gaming venues.

Highly flexible, MFACE Flex comes either as a ready-to-deploy IDEMIA package or as a stand-alone software application license that can be used with existing cameras and infrastructure, customized to the venue-specific needs. It also supports facial image enrollments from various mobile devices.


IDEMIA offers a cost effective software application licensing that can leverage existing camera infrastructure and can be scaled up to support various workflows. One license can support multiple cameras of various types.


With a configurable capture distance of up to 10+ feet, MFACE Flex detects and recognizes multiple faces in advance of the actual checkpoint, resulting in faster identification and more efficient processing of large groups.


MFACE Flex is capable of leveraging multiple cameras to detect individuals in 1.5 seconds or less, excluding active engagement.

  • Speed: recognizes a moving person in less than 1.5 second
  • Flexibility in numbers: captures multiple faces simultaneously (up to 6 images/frame)
  • Hardware flexibility: camera agnostic supporting various camera protocols: RTSP, HTTP, HTTPS, USB
  • Supports mobile devices as an image acquisition source
  • Supports local and remote cloud-based deployment
  • Customizable GUI through web service – tailored according to customer and admin profile
  • Integrated with U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) facial recognition technology, known as Traveler Verification Service (TVS)
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