MESTA Series

Monitoring driver behavior for safer roads


With increased traffic and higher demand for security on the road, the need for safety solutions implies more and more performance. Designed to save lives and reduce accidents, MESTA Series radar technology ensures simultaneous automatic speed and red light enforcement. Easy to install, MESTA Series is suitable for urban and highway zones at different deployment site configurations such as intersections. It integrates a non-intrusive multi-target monitoring radar technology and a high-resolution camera – the highest resolution on the market – performing perfectly well over multiple traffic lanes. With its air-conditioned housing, it works under extreme weather conditions.

In addition to speed and red light enforcement capabilities, MESTA Series paves the way to many added-value additional functions thanks to the trajectory analysis.


MESTA Series fits with any road safety use case by combining red light monitoring, instant speed control and forbidden trajectories. It ultimately brings significant improvements on road safety.


MESTA Series has the highest violation detection rate of the market in the most demanding configurations all around the world.

Beyond road enforcement

The MESTA Series monitoring capabilities offer new detection features such as abnormal or unexpected vehicle trajectory, driver behavior, and even more with driver or passenger identification.

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