Gathering and processing traffic management data for safer roads


When dealing with traffic safety, authorities are still facing none or little interaction between the different applications used to manage law enforcement, traffic and security on the roads. When not linked to each other, the data gathered are not used in an efficient way, more human interventions are needed and an important number of specialized operators is required to be able to process and analyze these data.

MESTA CONTROL  offers an all-in-one ITS1 back office solution where law enforcement, traffic management and public security are integrated in one single platform with different modules. Examples of applications include violation processing, video wall, ANPR2, data mining and statistics.

1 Intelligent Transportation System
2 Automatic Number-Plate Recognition

Modern and friendly interfaces

Humans actions are reduced through reliable automatic results during violation processing or data analysis for police investigation thanks to customizable interfaces.

Multi-usage data

Same data can be used for different applications, reducing the need for deployment of different sensors over roads.

Latest web technologies

The software architecture is ensuring universality, mobility, scalability, high availability, highly configurability and security.

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