Collecting personal information and biometric data through secure software

MESA multi enrollment services application IDEMIA

For government agencies, biometrics offer an efficient, cost-effective way of identifying and authenticating their citizens. With applications as varied as law enforcement, voter enrollment, border control or ID document issuance, biometric systems combine accuracy with speed.

The critical key to a successful implementation of a national biometric identity register is the correct enrollment of citizens. IDEMIA has designed its Multi-Enrollment Services Application (MESA) software to meet the most stringent security requirements.

It enables agencies to enter personal information and add any form of biometric data (fingerprint, palm, iris or facial recognition), along with signatures and scanned documents such as birth certificates. For law enforcement, it can be used inside booking stations or for border checks, while civil society uses range from pre-election voter registration to enrollment in welfare programs. Compatible with a wide variety of fingerprint and palm print scanners, MESA optimizes the use of existing equipment.

Quick and efficient enrollment

MESA is an off-the-shelf solution that integrates seamlessly with existing systems, providing high-speed data acquisition.

Secure use of information

Encryption, secure communications and the use of a single sign-on ensure that data collected by MESA is stored and handled safely.

High-quality data

MESA meets all relevant international standards for quality and includes anti-spoofing measures for biometric capture.

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