MBIS Cloud

Empowering biometric identification through a secure cloud solution


In order to solve cases, criminal investigators need to rely on a secure environment and powerful engine to analyze a wide variety of crucial biometric data, including: fingerprint, latent fingerprint, palm print, latent palm print and face.

MBIS Cloud covers all these biometric modalities and provides forensic experts with a future-forward cloud solution for post-event analysis. This secure and flexible biometric identification solution is based on IDEMIA's flagship Multi-biometric Identification System (MBIS). Hosted on Microsoft® Azure Government or Amazon AWS Government, the MBIS Cloud platform is designed to meet the U.S. government’s requirements for data security and continuity of operations.

MBIS Cloud complies with stringent security standards for storage, transmission, monitoring, and recovery of digital information, including standards issued by the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS).

MBIS Cloud offers several configuration options to address each agency’s specific operational requirements:

Standard MBIS as a full Cloud solution for agencies who want to run their entire MBIS in the cloud.
Tailored MBIS as a full Cloud solution for agencies who want to tailor the system components they place in the cloud.
Disaster Recovery with system replication in the Cloud for agencies who want to maintain their MBIS as a local, on-premises solution with a cloud option for business continuity.

Full MBIS Cloud solutions include IDEMIA’s Evergreen service, to ensure agency systems are always at the latest MBIS release version.


Hosted on the Microsoft® Azure Government or Amazon AWS Government platform, MBIS Cloud meets CJIS security standards, is hosted in the U.S. and all data is encrypted in motion and at rest.

Flexible deployment

The different configurations proposed for MBIS Cloud allow agencies to fit their needs at the present time and update their use of the cloud as their system expands.

Cloud convenience

MBIS Cloud eliminates the need of replacing hardware through system and process advancements.

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