Powering biometric identification

MBIS Biometric Identification System

To meet the growing need for real-time identification of suspects and criminals, IDEMIA has developed MBIS - a comprehensive range of products centered on an innovative Automated Biometric Identification System.

With an intuitive, user-friendly interface, MBIS provides investigators with a biometric search engine that is designed for power and speed, and is backed by a comprehensive range of tools for editing, selection and image enhancement. Front-end workstations manage fingerprint, palm and facial images, and display powerful verification and comparison tools, while backend platforms provide processing and archive storage.

In addition, MBIS can interface with third-party systems such as other AFIS, CCH, booking stations and mobile terminals.

The MBIS Suite is fully modular and highly scalable, allowing future upgrades in numerous ways, including type of processed biometrics, database size, throughput, accuracy, and features. Benefiting from IDEMIA’s continuous research and development, MBIS can seamlessly integrate future biometric modalities and enhancements to meet evolving customer needs and business processes.

In-depth forensics

MBIS suite provides criminal investigators with post-event forensic analysis, covering fingerprints and palm prints, including latents.

Investigation and lead generation

Along with biometric identification, MBIS helps case management by storing evidence images and case-to-person and case-to-case link information.

Powerful tools

MBIS has a full set of image/video enhancement and processing tools, including minutiae editing, latent image sizing controls, and filtering.

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