Mobile Operators

Mobile Operators

Securing mobility and beyond

By 2025 smartphones will account for 79% of mobile connections excluding cellular IoT – and for good reason. These mobile devices put an incredible amount of information in the palm of our hands: our schedules, banking details, emails, and anything else we might need. While technology responds to new connectivity challenges and opportunities – particularly with the deployment of 5G and the growing IoT market – heightened protection of our digital identities is needed more than ever.

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Breaking down borders

When IDEMIA looked at this challenge, we identified the need for safeguards and services that apply to all types of mobile usage. We optimized our services, connecting many more objects to enable vertical services. From supporting connectivity through SIM cards, to using mobile devices as biometric entry points to authenticate ourselves, we ensure that individuals can have full and worry-free usage of their mobile phones while safeguarding their mobile identities with the highest level of protection.

IDEMIA’s convenient connectivity

As a leading actor in the telecom field, IDEMIA is at the forefront of the digital revolution and we are committed to bringing protected and convenient experiences to our mobile operator customers. We designed tools to link strong authentication with secure elements and service platforms to guarantee simple connectivity and service access to end-users anywhere, anytime. The deployment of SIM cards is crucial for mobile operators to obtain an entry point to critical mobile value-added services. We also assist our clients through the disruptive management of subscriptions through dedicated platforms as well as embedded or removable SIM cards and optimized chips.

Above all, it’s IDEMIA’s mission to provide secure mobile usage without inconvenience. Our fundamental role is to allow more people to safely enter the digital world and go beyond connectivity to monetize services available to them.


Our on-the-go lifestyles create the need for a new seamless telecom journey that allows us to remotely manage our subscriptions in real-time, instantaneously activate our devices and guarantee transparent registration and secure communications. IDEMIA enables MNOs and MVNOs to ensure connectivity service continuity and the optimum end-to-end security of all data exchanged.

Digital Transformation

IDEMIA's connectivity and digital ID solutions help mobile operators ready themselves for the exponential growth of connected eSIM devices for both consumer and M2M use cases. As the market leader in Augmented Identity, our solutions ensure end-to-end security while still providing an enhanced and seamless user experience.

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