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Securing payment diversity

In the not so distant past, forgetting your wallet meant a U-turn straight back home. Today, with a few swipes, taps or clicks on your smartphone, you can prove your identity, make a money transfer, sign a banking contract, order a ride, commute easily and go shopping. The trust of consumers is the basis for any form of transaction. But how can we ensure this effortless swiping doesn’t fall into the wrong hands?

financial institutions and FinTechs trust us (including most of the world’s largest banks)
Up to 4M
cards digitized per month in the 3 major mobile wallets
payment card PIN codes managed electronically

Studying the world around us

Today’s financial institutions are undergoing a massive transformation from retail to digital banking and seeking out multichannel strategies to protect client relationships. At IDEMIA, we help them take on digitalization and shape the future banking and payment customer journey. Our management of secret keys has become mission critical for the world’s biggest companies. We have worked to reduce payment fraud – both online and in-store – and we are driving EMV and contactless migration. As retail banking evolves, we help traditional banks and FinTechs leverage the payment card as a tool for brand and loyalty reinforcement. Our metal cards, for instance, are designed for consumers looking for premium products. We also enable financial institutions develop digital banking with innovative authentication technologies and secure mobile payment solutions.

Shaping the future of a true human need

IDEMIA’s commitment to Augmented Identity and securing payment diversity has helped us become the undisputed market leader, creating the payment solutions of tomorrow. By leveraging biometrics for instance, we guarantee a highly secure and enhanced payment experience in-store and online.

In short, we make it our mission to ensure that our customers have streamlined and highly adaptable solutions – guarded by ironclad security measures – whenever and wherever they need. After all, convenience and fluidity are nothing if not accompanied by peace of mind.


Everyday technology simplifies our lives just a bit more than the day before. With a tap on our smartphone or a fingerprint scan, we can prove our identities, open a bank account, define our PIN code, add our banking card to a new mobile wallet or make a payment. IDEMIA promises to ensure that all this effortless swiping never falls into the wrong hands.

Digital Transformation

IDEMIA provides digital payment and digital ID solutions for payment networks and issuers, ranging from tokenization to Secure Remote Commerce, instant provisioning and eKYC. As the market leader in Augmented Identity, our solutions guarantee payment security while providing an enhanced and seamless cardholder experience.

Our digital solutions