Connecting and securing the IoT (Internet of Things)

We have experienced tremendous technological advancements in recent times. Electronic devices that were once isolated are now connected and can be operated from anywhere in the world. And it’s no longer just humans interacting with technology, electronic equipment now interacts with other equipment. From wearables and personal computers to domestic appliances and industrial machinery, connectivity is changing our lives and our world.

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Growing with the IoT market

The IoT is a booming, rapidly expanding market. As new verticals pop onto the scene, the dynamics and applications evolve: connectivity provisioning becomes frictionless and what used to be a simple product is now a service – all developments that demand total security. Without a heightened level of authentication, manufacturers’ brands and customers’ privacy can be seriously compromised by hacking.

With these trends in mind, IDEMIA’s solutions combine security and convenience to enable OEMs and IoT service providers to manage the connectivity and safety of a wide range of devices across the world and to deploy and maintain critical value-added services during a device’s full lifecycle.

Embedding security into the IoT field

Our expertise in this field is bolstered by our unparalleled ability to merge embedded security and advanced biometrics to bring trust to the IoT. We are committed to providing end-to-end solutions to transform and optimize the end-user journey. Our homes can be secured and monitored remotely with a few clicks on our smartphones. Connected cars can save our lives by calling emergency services when we need assistance. Secure and convenient mobile devices have become indispensable to our daily lives – used for payment, transportation and identification.

Connected devices are a part of our daily life. It is IDEMIA’s mission to secure current &
future digital services that will emerge from the IoT leveraging our unequalled hardware,
software and service offers.

Augmented identity

Whatever the IoT needs at hand, IDEMIA adapts security levels to ensure that only you are in total control of your connected devices. This is exactly what Augmented Identity is all about.