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Lottery and betting terminals IDEMIA

Lottery operators are constantly on the lookout for new services to offer to their customers. IDEMIA offers a comprehensive range of customizable terminals that provide greater processing efficiency and an omnichannel experience:

- ToTe-m series, improving POS (point of sale) experience with player-focused self-service kiosks
- S4 series, offering an ultra-compact lottery terminal for low-volume POS
- MOVE, combining a mobile and a countertop lottery and betting terminal into a single solution
- ELITE Series, combining innovation, high performance and new services for the benefit of both retailers and players
- S8 series, offering extensive features for an enjoyable experience
- eCIM Series, improving player convenience with a customer-operated terminal

IDEMIA’s lottery and betting terminals activity joins Groupe Carrus, provider of technological solutions and software and a player in horse racing for 130 years.

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