Keyless Car Entry

Providing seamless access to the connected car

Keyless Entry

As technology advances, cars are turning from a means of transportation into digital devices on four wheels. By 2022, nearly 100% of the world’s fleet will be connected, providing automakers with valuable data and drivers with a range of innovative services. However, a vital component of this enhanced driving experience will be to authenticate access to the car and to ensure that all connections between the car and the cloud are secure.

IDEMIA is already providing solutions to meet these demands, including keyless car entry associated with biometrics. IDEMIA’s world-leading technology for biometric recognition makes it quick and easy to create a trusted digital identity for the driver. Thanks to our fast and secure authentication solution, the driver can then access to the car seamlessly and enjoy a fully digital journey.

IDEMIA’s automotive solution offers incredible flexibility, enabling people to benefit from a new mobility experience, safer autonomous driving and easy access to personalized, high-value services.


IDEMIA guarantees car drivers a fast and secure registration process to obtain digital keys that can then be downloaded onto mobile devices.

Proven ID

Advanced and reliable biometric recognition technology by IDEMIA allows drivers to be rapidly identified and authenticated.

High-level security

IDEMIA provides a unique end-to-end security architecture to secure connections between the vehicle and the manufacturer’s cloud services.

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