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Mobile Identity
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Today, customers want to have the freedom to pick up a SIM card anywhere in the world and have hassle-free access to mobile networks. But for mobile operators, this freedom means a mounting pressure to know their customers’ identities. This not only increases accountability, but also security for the user and mobile operators by helping to prevent theft or fraud. IDEMIA’s Mobile Identity is a digital ID created by a mobile operator to enable users to access online services in a secure, private and convenient way, using their mobile devices.

Establishing trusted identities is an absolutely vital step brought by IDEMIA KYC (Know Your Customers) digital identity solution. It is the most effective way of knowing who is in control of any networked device starting with the registration of the customer by the operator, using their official ID documents and, when possible, their biometrics. This can be done on-site with fingerprint scanners and document authentication or remotely using the user mobile device. It is then followed by the verification of those elements and the generation of a unique Digital ID. This is safely managed by the operator and available for the customer on their mobile - users can use this Mobile ID to authenticate to eServices using their mobile number along with a unique PIN or their biometrics.

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    The solution biometric performance has been certified at the highest level by internationally-recognized organisations (FBI, Indian STQC, …).
    Mobile ID enables mobile operators to comply with pre-paid customer registration regulations and prevent ID fraud.
    The solution enables easy access to a wide range of online services in a secure way, allowing mobile operators to monetize their customer database.

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