Ensuring security from connected devices to the cloud

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The Internet of Things (IoT) market is rapidly growing and adapting. In our homes and offices, devices are constantly being added to networks in the name of convenience. However, having individual security validations for every connected component in a network quickly becomes a hassle.

IoThrive is a solution designed by IDEMIA which enables management of the entire security chain in the Internet of Things from hardware to services on networks such as LPWAN (LoRa, Sigfox), Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. IoThrive allows users to access and holistically manage an IoT environment, safe in the knowledge that the digital identity or cloud services on the network are authenticated and secure.

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    IoThrive secures the entire security chain from the connected object to the cloud. No longer is it necessary to piece together different products from multiple companies.
    Thanks to a proven expertise in secure components, security solutions together with great partnerships, IoThrive is a reliable certified solution.
    With the ever growing number of usages performed using the IoT, IoThrive is designed to adapt to the requested level of security and customer needs.
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