IDway-Digital ID

Preserving the State’s ‘root of trust’ for a secure digital identity

IDway – Digital ID

In a world where citizens are eager to use online services and increasingly look for digital solutions to prove their identity both remotely and in-person, governments have the unique responsibility to guarantee the security and confidentiality of citizens’ personal data. A state-owned digital ID program ensures citizens come first. It enables secure and frictionless online authentication, contactless in-person authentication, consent-based identity attribute sharing and digital signatures.

At IDEMIA, we accompany societies in their digital growth by providing governments with IDway-Digital ID, a suite of digital identity solutions, which is part of IDEMIA’s IDway robust identity management system.

IDway-Digital ID provides a modular approach to support all countries. It enables the deployment and management of a reliable citizen digital identity system either based on an existing governmental identity database or on a national ID document. As a world leader in biometrics, we use this cutting-edge technology to ensure the highest level of security for the onboarding, verification, issuance and authentication of a person’s identity.

With IDway-Digital ID, governments place citizens at the center of the ID ecosystem and guarantee them privacy, security and convenience when they need to prove their identity both in the physical and digital worlds.


Thanks to its modular approach and interoperability, IDway-Digital ID can easily be integrated into the country’s existing identity infrastructures and allows the creation of a State-issued digital ID that is system-based, eID-based or device-based.


IDway-Digital ID relies on IDEMIA’s biometric algorithms – consistently receiving top ranking from NIST – and advanced sensor technologies to guarantee the ‘root of trust’ of the State-issued digital identity.


IDway-Digital ID protects citizens’ data ensuring citizens are in full control of their attributes.

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