ID2Travel Identity Management Platform

Managing travelers’ identities for seamless and secure passenger journeys

ID2Travel Identity Management Platform

The future of air travel will heavily rely on biometrics as a key enabler to provide a seamless and secured experience. Therefore, the implementation of a reliable identity management platform will be the backbone to offer this new paradigm to travelers.

As an identity management specialist, IDEMIA masters the complete ID chain to enable secure and efficient passenger flow facilitation programs. The ID2Travel Identity Management Platform capitalizes on IDEMIA’s recognized expertise in biometrics authentication and identification solutions. It acts as the central identity management platform inside the airport and airline information systems so that all relevant stakeholders can share the same data across their respective systems. Interoperable and scalable, it is easy to integrate into existing IT environments or it can be accessed through cloud services.

With embedded data protection and a privacy by design approach, the ID2Travel Identity Management Platform ensures that passengers’ data are safe at all times.

End-to-end identity management

The ID2Travel Identity Management Platform offers efficient ID lifecycle management and best-in-class biometric identification for a better and smoother travel experience along the complete passenger journey.

Enhanced processes

ID2Travel Identity Management Platform offers to airlines and airports the capacity to add a biometrics layer to their identity management processes without disrupting the IT systems already in place.

Secured data storage

With embedded data protection and encryption, and a proven privacy by design approach, IDEMIA’s solution ensures compliancy with regulations.

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