ID Proofing for border control

Acquiring and verifying travelers’ identities remotely

ID Proofing for border control

With the expected increase in the volume of travelers coupled with security measures that are also on the rise, the processing time to cross borders is expected to significantly increase. In order to streamline operations at borders, governments are now allowing travelers to share some information prior to their travel. Such an approach aims at improving the border crossing experience by minimizing the tasks to be performed both by travelers and officers at the border.

IDEMIA’s ID Proofing for border control enables secure, seamless verification of a traveler’s identity remotely. This solution allows travelers to perform some tasks normally taking place at the border on their smartphones (travel document verification, biometrics capture, answering a questionnaire, etc.), prior to their travel, which allows the reduction of the processing time needed at borders when arriving at destination. Highly adaptable to the specific verification services and business rules of border authorities, this solution provides identity assertion and a level of assurance that genuinely gives them the confidence needed to proceed safely.

Trusted identity

Confidence is assured by authentication of documents, biometric matching and liveness detection, cross-checking of claimed identities and effective tracing of the ID proofing process.

Privacy by design

The integrity and confidentiality of travelers’ personal information are ensured: personal information is rendered anonymous and biometric credentials are not stored.

User friendliness

This new, streamlined and secured approach to registration, enables travelers to remotely claim their identity and/or register in advance thanks to their smartphone.

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