Forensic Face Training

Keeping examiners’ skills up-to-date with best practices and knowledge on facial recognition

Forensic Face Training IDEMIA

Digital facial recognition technology can sort through millions of images and present investigators with candidates for a match. But when lives are on the line, agencies rely on well- trained forensic experts to compare images and confidently declare a match.

Automated face recognition systems are common in both law enforcement and civil applications, yet training for reviewers has not kept pace with the scope of facial images available from public and private sources. Relying on its deep expertise in the field of digital face recognition and facial identification IDEMIA has created the Forensic Face Training to fill this gap.

The Forensic Face Training is a technology-agnostic program exploring topics like image science and processing, principles of photographic comparison, and reporting guidelines. It helps examiners improve their skills in both facial review (one-to-many) and facial identification (one-to-one) scenarios, and gain new insight into facial anatomy, dermatology, aging and facial alteration.

Practical competencies

Based on scenario training, the Forensic Face Training course covers both facial review – a 1:N comparison using output from a facial recognition system – and facial identification, a forensic 1:1 comparison to be presented in court.

In-depth analysis capabilities

Forensic Face Training teaches examiners not only to compare faces in minute detail, but also gain a deep understanding of what they are looking at, including how the specific capture conditions affect the facial image.

Technology-agnostic knowledge

Forensic Face Training is not predicated on the use of any particular facial recognition system, and coursework has been carefully developed in accordance with Facial Identification Scientific Work Group (FISWG) standards.

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