Integrating breakthrough finger vein and fingerprint technology into multiple devices


In a competitive market for biometric solutions, OEMs need to provide their customers with innovative and fully reliable technologies. Having developed a world first for simultaneous finger vein and fingerprint capture and matching, IDEMIA makes it available to integrators with the FINGER VP OEM module.

This compact unit contains all the necessary components – sensor, biometric feature extraction and matching capabilities, user database – in a robust enclosure that can be integrated into IP65-rated products. The MSO SDK enables its swift integration into Windows and Linux platforms.

Access control terminals and mobile devices for identity checks or secure payments are just some of the use cases where the FINGER VP OEM module can deliver new levels of accuracy and security. The Failure To Enroll (FTE) rate is greatly reduced by the combination of two biometrics, while the False Rejection Rate (FRR) is 10 times lower than the best individual rate for finger vein or fingerprint. Furthermore, the hybrid module offers an enhanced resistance to spoofing.

Enhanced performances

The hybrid module ensures reliable capture and matching even for individuals who have difficulty with single-mode systems. By combining two complementary biometrics, the device ensures highly efficient matching for genuine individuals and sharply reduces the risk of accepting impostors. It gives a complete response to both convenience and security concerns for any application.

Resistance to spoofing

The technology combines the protection mechanisms intrinsic to each biometrics – e.g. the vein network lying under the skin is impossible to acquire without user’s consent – and makes the most of the new characteristics resulting from the fusion.

Easy, versatile integration

Compact and robust, the all-in-one unit comes with convenient interfaces and a comprehensive SDK for swift integration into multiple systems, including IP65-rated ones.

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