Controlling system access with greater performance thanks to finger vein and fingerprint fusion

FINGER VP Desktop Series

For organizations around the world, biometrics offers a powerful solution to the challenges of enrollment and controlling access to workstations or systems. To meet the demand for ever higher performance, IDEMIA has introduced FINGER VP Desktop, the world’s first identification solution combining finger vein and fingerprint biometric data.

For registration in government programs, this easy-to-use USB device provides a guarantee of success – particularly for individuals who have difficulties with single-mode devices. It is equally suited to the corporate environment, delivering its unrivalled accuracy to sensitive applications. By combining the two biometrics, the False Rejection Rate is 10 times lower than the best individual rate for finger vein or fingerprint. Moreover, the hybrid scanner offers an enhanced resistance to spoofing.

The FINGER VP Desktop all-in-one unit comprises the sensor, embedded capabilities for biometric feature extraction and matching, as well as a database that can store securely the data of up to 50,000 users. The MSO SDK enables its swift integration into Windows and Linux platforms.

Enhanced performances

The hybrid scanner ensures reliable capture and matching even for individuals who have difficulty with single-mode systems. By combining two complementary biometrics, the device sharply reduces the probability of rejecting genuine individuals and accepting impostors. It gives an efficient response to both convenience and security concerns for any application.

Resistance to spoofing

The technology combines the protection mechanisms intrinsic to each biometrics – e.g. the vein network lying under the skin is impossible to acquire without user’s consent – and makes the most of the new characteristics resulting from the fusion.

Easy, intuitive setup

FINGER VP Desktop all-in-one unit simply connects via USB for power supply and data transfer. Its intuitive, ergonomic design fits the shape of the hand, while the MSO SDK enables seamless interfacing with a variety of host systems.

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