Conducting business in a way that considers local communities, nurtures, respects and protects employees, and is guided by the highest ethical standards of transparency and proper behavior

Everyone employed by IDEMIA, without exception, must act with integrity and in keeping with the company’s ethical principles by abiding by the IDEMIA Code of Conduct. Employees’ understanding of their conduct obligations are checked through regular mandatory training.

IDEMIA respects the trust of its stakeholders and does not tolerate illegal or unethical behaviour. The IDEMIA Procedure for Professional Alerts (link to Procedure for Professional Alerts pdf) enables staff to report suspected wrongdoing, knowing that their concerns will be taken seriously, and that their confidentiality will be respected.

Anti-corruption and Bribery

IDEMIA has implemented a compliance program intended to inform and detect any acts of corruption. Employees are provided with information and training on how to recognize and deal with bribery and corruption issues. IDEMIA upholds bribery and corruption laws wherever it is present and is implementing a global program of ISO37001 anti-bribery management systems.

Respect of Human Rights

At IDEMIA, we believe in the fundamental dignity of each human being and in respecting individual and collective rights. IDEMIA undertake to respect human rights, such as defined in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Forced labor and child labor are condemned and is not tolerated from IDEMIA suppliers, without exception. IDEMIA respects the freedom of association of employees and provides remuneration such that they can fulfil their essential needs.

Personal Data and Privacy

Augmented identity places the protection of personal data at the heart of IDEMIA. Consequently, security, confidentiality and protection of personal data are a constant focus, and IDEMIA trains its people on the correct management of data and privacy.

Any personal data, which is obtained and processed in the context of IDEMIA’s activities must be used for a precise and legitimate purpose and cannot be stored beyond the duration necessary for the purpose, according to the law.

Export Control

IDEMIA complies with applicable regulations governing export and import with a focus on:

  • Ensuring that compliance standards are applied across the company.
  • Verifying the compliance of all business conducted by the companies within IDEMIA.
  • Participating in due diligence during mergers and acquisitions.
  • Verifying the compliance of all business conducted by companies subject to sanctions or embargoes.

The establishment of an appropriate, effective system to ensure compliance in all international business transactions ensures that IDEMIA meets the obligations of all applicable customs legislation.

Customer Relations

To retain the loyalty of its clients, IDEMIA is dedicated to developing and supplying products, solutions and services, which provide value in terms of quality, security and consideration of environmental, social and ethical concerns. It’s also vital that the information IDEMIA provides to customers is useful, accurate and presented honestly and fairly, using the appropriate channels.

Competition, for IDEMIA, must be on the basis of its products, solutions and services and must not involve entering into any agreements with its competitors to illegally limit business and competition. Employees are expected to adhere to IDEMIA’s policies and requirements in respect of fair competition and conflict of interest.


You can report a wrongdoing using the IDEMIA whistleblowing platform operated by EQS Integrity Line, which ensures the anonymity of the whistleblower:

For any enquiries about CSR at IDEMIA, please contact us


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