eSIM for the Enterprise

Transforming employees’ connectivity management

eSIM for the Enterprise

While enterprises adopt cloud-computing, eSIM brings the next wave of connected devices to the Enterprise and SMB markets. Always connected PCs, smartphones and wearables enable today’s employees to stay in contact with their teams and access their files wherever they are.

For years, IT teams have struggled to manage the connectivity of employees’ devices, often having to jump between Mobile Device Management (MDM) portals and mobile network operator (MNO) portals. IDEMIA’s eSIM for the Enterprise offer is solving this problem.

Together with Microsoft, IDEMIA helps MNOs bring eSIM and connectivity management into MDM portals using its Smart Connect Hub solution, an end-to-end eSIM lifecycle management platform for all Consumer eSIM devices. Now IT teams can securely and conveniently assign and activate subscriptions in eSIM-enabled devices, directly through their MDM portal.

With this solution MNOs now get a quick access to the Enterprise eSIM market and have the opportunity to connect a wider range of devices.

Market reach expansion

The number of devices being deployed in Enterprise and SMB markets is growing. Thanks to IDEMIA’s eSIM for the Enterprise offer mobile operators have an opportunity to capture this new market by tapping into MDMs and streamlining eSIM management for their Enterprise customers.

Fast time-to-market

IDEMIA’s Smart Connect Hub solution adapts to each MNO’s billing and operating system, using existing APIs and workflows so that the integration effort with MDM portals is minimized and accelerated.

Seamless enterprise connectivity

Thanks to eSIM for the Enterprise, MNOs can bring additional value to their Business Customers with real-time connectivity management capabilities easily accessible to their IT teams.

IDEMIA’s Smart Connect Hub is an excellent solution for MNOs looking to support Windows Enterprise eSIM devices without having to undergo significant upgrades to their network. That’s why we partnered with the IDEMIA team to enable faster and easier adoption of eSIM technology in Enterprises worldwide.

David Lemson, Director of Program Management for Windows IoT and Networking, Microsoft
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