Protecting ID documents against photo substitution and forgery with a graphical seal


Because the photo on an ID document is the most natural link with its owner, it is subject to the majority of attacks by fraudsters. Meanwhile, identity control has to be carried out more and more rapidly, easily and securely.

Data interlinking, i.e. the holder’s data reproduced in various iterations, and optical machine authentication are keys to answer those challenges. Combining these two techniques, DocSeal is a secure, easy and quick seal to authenticate the ID holder’s data. This graphical seal encodes a portrait descriptor and the document owner’s name and date of birth into an inspection symbol printed at the time of the document personalization. The data are signed with the issuer key before encoding in order to ensure their authenticity and integrity.

The design of the inspection symbol is customized to express a country’s symbols and values. Its very compact encoding allows it to fit easily into the artwork of the identity card or the passport data page.

Using a smartphone or a scanner, DocSeal allows the immediate confirmation of whether the portrait and biographical data printed on the document are genuine or if they have been altered or substituted.

Highly secure

DocSeal ensures strong protection of the photo and the biographic data against forgery.

Easy to authenticate

Fast and reliable inspection of the graphical seal can be done with a smartphone or scanner.


The graphical seal is designed to harmonize smoothly with the document artwork.

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