Connectivity Pack for Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO)

Ensuring a seamless subscriber journey

IDEMIA Connectivity Pack for MVNOs

MVNOs may have plenty of flexibility when it comes to launching new, disruptive services and business models, but they face challenges when it comes to ensuring that customers have the optimum device settings for the full duration of their subscription. Users expect to have the latest service offering and up-to-date handset parameters, even when roaming. In a fiercely competitive market, customer satisfaction is at the heart of MVNOs’ strategy. They must ensure that the overall customer journey and the quality of the network they rent will meet the expectations of their subscribers.

IDEMIA’s Connectivity Pack for MVNOs meets those needs with a suite of 3 solutions:
- Device Management: for automatic device recognition and configuration, to ensure the appropriate provisioning of services
- OTA Platform: for remote (e)SIM configuration and management via SMS or HTTP
- Smart Monitoring QoE: for accurate assessment of customer experience and overall network quality, based on Key Performance Indicators.

Customer retention

With Connectivity Pack for MVNOs, operators are able to secure the loyalty of their subscribers, thanks to an easy customer journey that combines fast configuration and access to services with a great network experience.

Network quality assessment

With Smart Monitoring QoE, MVNOs can ensure they are renting a quality network for their subscribers.


With IDEMIA Device Management solution and OTA Platform, MVNOs can limit SIM pre-configuration and choose the technology needed to serve their customers at optimum cost, with the best time-to-market. They can also avoid the return of fully-functioning devices.

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