CityGO MIFARE transport product range

Leveraging the most widely used access control technology providing seamless public transit

CityGO MIFARE transport product range

MIFARE® products account for over 70 percent of the transport and access control market. IDEMIA’s MIFARE® portfolio has a solution for everyone’s needs, from paper tickets to advanced multi-application cards and NFC smartphone apps.

IDEMIA offers the full MIFARE® product range:

  • MIFARE UltraLight® contactless products are ideal for limited-use smart paper tickets and cards. They allow easy and cost-efficient migration from traditional paper tickets and magnetic stripe schemes to completely contactless systems.
  • MIFARE Classic® is a memory storage product with basic security protocol for authentication and ciphering.
  • MIFARE Plus® features a high security level and is recommended for infrastructures requiring tighter security than MIFARE Classic® offers.
  • MIFARE DESFire® is the top-of-the-range MIFARE® family. It is ideal for advanced smart cards requiring a high level of security or for multiple applications.
Extensive product range

IDEMIA supports MIFARE® technology in all form factors, from simple paper tickets through multi-application cards, to NFC applications.

Reliable product range

The complete IDEMIA product range has been certified by Arsenal, an external lab, a reference for all MIFARE® certification tests.

High capacity

As a global leader with a local footprint, IDEMIA has the capacity to manufacture and personalize significant card volumes worldwide, fulfilling all your MIFARE® product requirements.

  • Contactless protocol : ISO14443 Type A
  • Chip Technology: EEPROM
  • Chip Supplier: NXP
  • Card Serial Number: 4 or 7 bytes UID
  • Memory size: from 40 bytes to 8kb
  • Hardware crypto DES / 2K3DES / 3K2DES / AES 128
  • Data retention time: 10 years
  • Write endurance: 500,000 cycles

Arsenal Testhouse is an independent certification institute specialising in MIFARE®-based systems functional testing and certification. certifies that IDEMIA uses NXP chips.

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