CityGO Calypso ticketing product range

Making commuters’ lives easier with highly secure and open standard products

CityGO Calypso ticketing product range

Trusted by 160 transport networks and cities around the world, Calypso™ is the most used transport ticketing open standard in the world. This fosters innovation focusing on interoperability, top-notch security and end-user convenience. As a strong advocate of open standard benefits and long-standing member of the Calypso Network Association (CNA), IDEMIA actively participates in developing the Calypso™ standard.

IDEMIA’s cityGO Calypso™ products are all CNA-certified. These multi-application cards can be used as public transport cards and student cards (access management, canteen, library, etc.) or “citizen daily life” cards to use public services (library, swimming-pool, recycling center, etc.).

The cityGO Calypso™ range includes the IDEMIA COSMO Fly v6, the first CNA-certified Java Open card to encompass both payment and transport capabilities.


CityGO Calypso™ products are built around a certified common criteria ensuring watertight chip security.

Open standard

CityGO Calypso™ products come with extensive ticketing services beyond merely using public transport.


CityGO Calypso™ cards are fully compatible with existing Calypso™ automated fare collection systems: vending machines, gates, validators, etc.

Our certification policy ensures both compliance to the specifications and that the security and interoperability of Calypso™ products are respected. We are very pleased to add the first payment-transportation card using the CNA Java applet to our range of certified products, and we thank IDEMIA for enriching and diversifying the Calypso™ offer.

Philippe Vappereau, Chairman of CNA
  • Available interfaces: full contactless or dual interface
  • Materials: PVC or PET
  • Applications: transport only or transport and payment
  • Memory sizes: 2, 4, 8 or 18kb
  • Calypso™ Rev. 3.2 / 3.1
  • Backward compatible Calypso™ Rev. 2 and Rev. 1
  • Complete CDLight and CD97 (BX) emulation possible
  • Full transaction duration compliant with public transport requirements, including typical terminal processing
CNA certificate

CNA certificate ensures the Calypso™ applet complies with Calypso™ specifications. Certification is approved by an independent laboratory.

CENTS certificate

CENTS certificate ensure contactless RF products perform properly to minimize operational issues.

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