Citizen enrollment and authentication

Capturing and verifying data during civil identity enrollment

Citizen enrollment

Citizen enrollment is fundamental for any government that wants to establish a robust and reliable identity system. When it comes to ID document issuance and keeping a civil registry up to date, verifying the identity of citizens or travelers is crucial during the civil identity enrollment process. Whether it is regarding voter verification, identity control at borders or for public safety purposes, using biometric data is by far the most convenient and reliable means of enrolling citizens as well as identifying and authenticating them. Leveraging the fact that mobile devices are everyday tools, IDEMIA enables citizen identity enrollment in the field, and also provides fixed solutions:

  • The compact IDstudio solution ensures that high-quality ID photo capture, including LASINK™ color portrait, is easily accomplished regardless of environment.
  • ID Screen, IDEMIA’s third generation of multi-application biometric tablets, offers improved ergonomics, better connectivity and autonomy for citizen identity enrollment even in remote areas.
  • The latest self-service kiosk, IDkiosk, provides versatile and secure enrollment and identity verification.
  • The latest version of MTop is the most deployed fingerprint civil identity enrollment device in the world.
  • MTop Slim sets new standards for fingerprint scanning in terms of how compact and efficient it is, while ensuring the highest level of accuracy.
1.2 billion
residents enrolled within the Aadhaar program in India
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