Border control eCounter

Maximizing border guards’ operational efficiency

Border control eCounter

To meet the challenges of streamlining guards’ operations at air, sea and land borders, IDEMIA designs effective border crossing point equipment.

Border control eCounter is a multi-biometric manual control solution that efficiently addresses all the critical steps for an effective border control process for all travelers, including biographical and biometric data capture and background checks.

This desktop solution supports border forces in their daily tasks while not forgetting the individual that experiences border control. It reduces waiting times while offering a user-friendly interaction.

Available as a standalone equipment for border guard operations, the Border control eCounter can also be coupled with IDEMIA’s TravelKiosk (pre-check and self-service immigration kiosks) to even further maximize the processing time.

Enhanced security

Border control eCounter integrates multi-biometric capabilities for both capture and matching purposes in addition to the software needed to process and control travelers.

Increased throughput

This solution maximizes the daily tasks of border guards by enabling them to efficiently control travelers while supporting their decision-making process to reduce waiting lines.

Ease of use

This user-centric equipment is developed with a clear focus on ergonomics to efficiently support the mission of border guards.

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