Augmented Borders

Changing perspectives for efficient, intelligence-led border control

In their mission of securing country borders, whether land, sea or air, the number 1 priority of any government is to avoid irregular immigration and fight all forms of trans-border crime, while facilitating legitimate crossings. However, infrastructure, budget and resources continue to be scarce to address the ever increasing number of travelers.

With Augmented Borders, IDEMIA’s comprehensive border control suite, border officers can overcome this challenge by moving from a document-centric to a person-centric and risk-based approach.

This exhaustive suite of solutions enables governments to better manage their borders from the equipment in interaction with the travelers (counters, kiosks, gates, digitalized services) to the management systems that are used before or during the border crossing (Visa, electronic travel authorization, Entry-Exit system, risks assessment).

Augmented Borders is based on three pillars:

  • A free-flowing approach for border crossing equipment (eGates, Counters and Kiosks etc.), based on our technologies developed in-house, in which travelers’ biometrics are the main credentials
  • A person-centric approach for Border Management Systems (Entry-Exit system, Biometric Engine, Visa system etc.)
  • A risk-based analysis to avoid long waiting lines for travelers and focus border agents’ efforts where needed

With Augmented Borders governments can adopt an approach in which travelers’ biometrics are the main credentials and enable a free-flowing journey which enhances the border crossing experience for legitimate travelers.


The person-centric approach of Augmented Borders ensures continuity between each encounter and over time for all types of travelers (Entry/Exit, visa request, electronic travel authorization, registered traveler program and asylum application, issuance and verification).


Augmented Borders helps border officers better assess risks through the screening of individuals against watch lists and the targeting of suspicious behaviors based on information gathered ahead of travel.

governments trust IDEMIA for their Border control solutions
8+ million
travelers processed per week at Changi Airport in Singapore
274 million
total operations in 2018 within the European Visa Information System framework
Augmented Borders EU-EES

Augmented Borders EU-EES

IDEMIA’s suite of products and services supports the European Entry/Exit System in reaching its full potential. Let’s discover how by following the journeys of two Third Country Nationals (TCNs) entering and exiting the Schengen Area.

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