API-PNR Services

Preparing the successful roll-out of a traveler data collection and risk assessment project


Risk assessment for security clearance purposes has become the cornerstone of efficient border management. This process must be performed swiftly, especially through the collection of Advanced Passenger Information (API) and Passenger Name Record (PNR) data.

To help governments in the critical and complex tasks of collecting API-PNR data, IDEMIA has designed a complete set of dedicated services that supports the deployment of the technical solution for a successful API-PNR system implementation. These dedicated services, based on the experience of IDEMIA, fulfil various missions such as:

• Legal framework support to ensure compliancy towards regulation
• Establishment of a standardized communication platform between all stakeholders
• Definition of governance and processes
• Support toward the definition of various interfaces (carriers, governments)
• Installation, testing and commissioning

The API-PNR services can be provided in Public Private Partnership with a BOT (Build / Operate / Transfer) model.

Legislative & regulatory compliance

With API-PNR Services, governments can rely on IDEMIA’s understanding of the international state of law, in terms of protocols and data privacy regulations, to ensure compliancy with the latter.

Secured and flexible data collection

IDEMIA’s solution reduces the cost for carriers to collect data through reliable and easy collection of all API-PNR data formats with flexible and standardized connectors.

Improved daily operations

IDEMIA’s solution helps design risk profile models to detect any pattern of interest and provides dashboard tools to turn data into actionable intelligence.

100 million
passengers managed by our solution annually in France
airlines from which we are collecting data within the framework of the French program
months to deploy the solution in Argentina
IDEMIA supports the French Government by modernizing passenger data management processes and targeting techniques

IDEMIA supports the French Government by modernizing passenger data management processes and targeting techniques

Within French anti-terrorism laws and the European Union’s API-PNR directive, the French government has set up a joint ministerial committee to implement an API-PNR system. Its objectives are to prevent, detect and investigate terrorist threats and serious crimes. In early 2014, the French government selected IDEMIA to design and roll out the API-PNR system, in compliance with law, E.U. recommendations and privacy requirements.

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